I specialise in working with companies on major transformation
programmes. Most assignments in my career have been with large global
organisations with complex regulatory requirements.
I provide consultancy [together with coaching if required] to senior
executive teams, helping them to achieve substantial savings and broader
business and cultural transformations – including the customer proposition.
My assignments often include a period of discovery to support executive
teams to translate their vision and strategy before announcing any
significant changes to employees, clients or broader stakeholders.
I have a passion for technology and technology-enabled transformation,
and have worked during the pandemic on digital transformations to enable
greater levels of internal productivity and client engagement.
I also use the art of storytelling and big pictures to help those I work for
visualise their ambitions and engage stakeholders, and I run internal
workshops to get clarity around messages to support leaders translate and
communicate strategy.


I use THE GROW model with a focus on the ‘Three C’s’: Clarity,
Commitment and Capability. These are the key success factors for
businesses and leaders in transformation.
I use my executive coaching sessions to help leaders:
  1. Achieve clarity around their topics and goals
  2. Explore and Reflect on i) their reality; ii) the opportunities and options to achieve desired goals and; iii) test levels of commitment
  3. Consider as part of the actions they commit to take what – if any – support they feel they need to achieve their goals.
I specialise in working with executives leading large programmes of
transformation and change and/or those who are looking to change the way
they communicate and engage organisations.


CrossfieldCommunications has offered copywriting services to over 30
organisations of all shapes and sizes. Working with a multi-award-winning
journalist, we write copy for websites (both internal and external), press
releases, newsletters and marketing campaigns.
In terms of expertise, our copywriting specialises in financial services work,
and we have particular in-depth knowledge of the insurance, investment
and pensions industries.
We also offer speech writing services, including after-dinner speeches
(working with an award-winning comedian.)
Additionally, we can provide media training to executives and teams –
and have years of experience of crisis management.